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Years of experience in building and design lends itself to craftsmanship of the highest quality. Our huts are constructed using traditional, tried and tested techniques. No prefabricated panels, cutting corners or compromises. Instead, each stage of construction is considered, careful and thorough resulting in a superior build.

We use an oak chassis, double insulation and the very best local Devon timber selected for its beauty and strength. The wood throughout the interior is not only unique and beautiful, but finished by a trained woodworker of extensive experience.

The design of this hut has been in planning for years. Not just in terms of its strength, practicality and resilience to the varied Dartmoor climate. But also planned out inch by inch for the very best use of space. Everywhere you look, in every corner there is detail and design. Never run of the mill. We use unique artist made pieces in each hut so each is individual and a work of art in itself. Book a viewing and come and see for yourself.

Devon Sweet Chestnut cladding
Stable, robust and beautiful

The tiles rubbed with copper oxide to make the prints shine
Ripple ash screen in the safe hands of a skilled restorer and furniture maker
The internal woodwork painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint for that super-flat finish
The screen printed fabric in bespoke hand-painted dyes ready to make in to blinds
Planning on paper
Getting the design and layout  just so
A marriage of traditional and modern techniques for the best of both worlds
Finishing touches to bespoke feautures
Getting the aesthetics just right 

Detail and design in every corner

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